Agriculture & Fishing
  • The agricultural sector in the State of Qatar is receiving substantial resources from the State as one of the main pillars of development on which the country depends to meet its basic needs and maintain economic self-reliance.

    The State has worked to bypass natural obstacles that impede horizontal extension of agriculture. It supports farmers and national agricultural investments by providing miscellaneous seeds and saplings of fruit trees, securing chemical pesticides, agricultural equipment and veterinary and pest combat services for livestock and crops. The State also, establishes agricultural projects and experimental farms, supplies modern technologies for agricultural projects and enacts required legislation to protect natural resources of livestock and agriculture. Joining the desertification combat convention in 1999, Qatar has intensified its efforts to

    Agriculture & Fishing
  • combat this natural phenomenon which constitutes a serious impediment to agricultural expansion.
  • Agriculture & Fishing
    In the field of natural resources protection, various ministries, most notably the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, have implemented several projects for underground water resources protection and development, reclamation of arable land and increasing green areas in barren lands. By 1997 the number of farms reached 906.
  • Fish Resources
  • The fishing resources sector is one of the most important economic growth sectors. The state is working to optimize the utilization of the sources of this wealth to maintain their continued availability.

    In the light of the State's acknowledgment of the importance of fishing and fish resources sector, the Department of Fish Resources was established in 1978, and charged with the protection, development,

    Agriculture & Fishing
  • manufacture and optimum utilization of the resources of aquatic life. The Department is responsible of supervising the implementation of this policy, managing fishing affairs, modernizing fishing techniques and equipment, providing the requirements of fishermen and fishing professionals and licensing fishermen and fishing boats in accordance to the law.
  • Agriculture & Fishing
    In 1992 the Council of Ministers issued the Law No 11 organizing loan granting for fishermen and farmers in order to encourage them to increase productivity.

    In order to conserve the aquatic life and fish resources some deterring actions were taken to prevent net and Hazra fishing.

  • Fishing by means of dredging was conclusively prohibited. The number of licensed fishermen reached 3413 in 1997.
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