About the Ambassador
His Excellency Sheikh / Ali Bin Jasim Bin Thani Al Thani

His Excellency Sheikh / Ali Bin Jasim Bin Thani Al Thani currently holds the position of Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg as well as Head of Mission to the European Union.

Place & Date of Birth:
Doha - Qatar


- Bachelor of Business Administration in May 1995, with double major from school of Arts in political science in December 1995 from University of Arizona, USA.

- Master degree of International Service in December 2000 from the American University, Washington D.C., USA.

Political Career:

- Third Secretary: Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the American & European Affairs Department, 1996 Doha - Qatar.

- Embassy of the state of Qatar in Washington D.C., accredited to the Department of State on February 6, 1997 till August 15, 2007.

- Second Secretary: Coordinated and accompanied several congressional Delegations to Doha, Qatar during March 1999, December 1999, April 2000 and from January 2001 up to January 2006.

- Senior Coordinator of the Qatari - US Conference for Democracy.

- First Secretary on April, 2001.

- Counselor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2008.

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar, in charge of North America and South America's Affairs, since August 2008 till present.

- Minister Delegate from 2011.

- Coordinator: on the Seventh Forum for the future: Doha 2011 :  Bridging the gulf.

- Attended various Summits and conferences representing the State of Qatar: OPEC, Organization of American State, US Debates and NATO.

Social Status:

Married and has 4 children.


Arabic: Mother Tongue.

English: Fluent.

Hobbies and Interest:

Enjoys spending time with his family.

Certified diver, swimming, fishing in deep sea water.

Enjoy music, Italian opera and old Arabic music.

Antique shopping and antique cars.

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