Major Cities in Belgium
  • 1- Brussels :

    The city is more than 1000 years old and has been built where the first fort in 979 AD and built the first walls to protect the city in mid-century atheist century and became the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium in 1831 AD.
    Became the capital of the various institutions of the European Union, the headquarters of NATO, "NATO", and other international organizations, thus becoming the second largest center of Brussels on Diplomatic Relations in the world after New York. Of the most famous products of the city of Brussels is the chocolate, lace, picture books and paintings woven Alpoplan. Website


  • 2- Gent :

    The city is built at the junction of two rivers, and the old name of the Celtic language Jinda old. Developed into the city and its private port in the tenth century AD have been set up wooden walls to protect them. Is one of the most important commercial centers in the north of Europe to specialization in the production of clothing made from wool imported English.

    It is also a city of flowers and offline farms that have made them one of the largest exporters rose Begoña and eternal and is the fourth city in importance in the Kingdom of Belgium. Website


  • 3- Broug 

    Founded in the ninth century AD and built the first walls to protect the city in the twelfth century AD and was connected to the North Sea through the channel freely.

    Tourism has become one of the basic sources is called the Venice of the north, the presence of multiple water channels. You can spend a good time to roam in the channels by boat, or roaming in the market and the old city is famous for handmade lace Bmvarc.


  • 4- Ostand

    One of the coastal cities located on the Belgian North Sea beach and features a large and important port linking England and Belgium, characterized by Bgod bumpers and Kasr waves protected from the North Sea. Website


  • 5- Antwerp

    The first fortress of this city Built in the seventh century AD, the second largest city of the Kingdom of Belgium and became the second largest port after a European port of Rotterdam and the fourth largest port in the world.

    It is also the World Diamond Center and there is an entire neighborhood dedicated to the trade in diamonds and gold. And got the city on an international position in the field of fashion. 


  • 6- Liege

    Considered European culture of North and South, as is the center of an old industry: metallurgy, mining, coal and copper. Liege has become the third largest city in the Kingdom of Belgium. 


  • 7- Namur

    The capital of the province of Namur and the Walloon Region to the presence of the headquarters of the government and the Walloon parliament and the city is located at the junction of two rivers and there are traces of a fortress built in the tenth century AD and the Cathedral was built between 1751-1767 AD.


  • 8- Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    Established the city in 963 AD Because of the huge fortifications and geographic location named "Gibraltar North" as it is the headquarters of the three headquarters of the European Union and the financial and legal institutions.

    Duke got its independence in 1839 and the city became the capital of the country.
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