• Education policy in Qatar is committed to respecting the heritage and conservative personality of the people. It aims to enhance development of school curricula and educational systems in line with the achievements of the times, the latest technological advances and modern educational experiences.
    Regular government education was introduced in 1952 with the establishment of the first primary school for boys. which had 240 students and 6 teachers. In 1956 the basis of modern educational systems were
  • formulated to outline the three stages of school education: primary, preparatory and secondary. In the following year the regulations of school education were drafted. leading to the establishment of the first ministry of education, named at the time Wizarat Al-Marif. The first group of regular students completed their primary stage education in 1958.
  • Since then education continued to develop and spread to cover all populated centers throughout the country and cater for boys and girls alike. Specialized and technical schools, as well as the University of Qatar, which now comprises 7 faculties, were established.
  • Basic Education :
  • Qatar follows a policy of compulsory education until the end of the elementary stage and free education to all citizens. Basic education consists of the following stages:
  • Elementary Stage Six years
    Preparatory Stage Three years
    Secondary Stage Three years
  • Qatar has 113 elementary schools; 60 for boys and 53 for girls, 56 preparatory schools; 28 for boys and 28 for girls, and 41 secondary schools; 19 for boys and 22 for girls. Government schools provide free education for the children of non-Qatari residents who work for the public sector. Qatar also has private schools as well as schools for the different Arab communities like the Lebanese, Jordanian and Sudanese schools plus those for non-Arab communities like the Indian, American and other schools.
Private Education:
Language Institute:
Qatar University
Qatar Foundation
Supreme Education Council
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