Private education and private universities in Qatar

Supreme Education Council Supports private schools with educational guidance and provision of health care and exemption from water and electricity charges.

The total number of private schools (338) schools and kindergartens of which (47) and Arab schools (154) foreign schools and (37) kindergartens other than  kindergartens attached to foreign schools. While the number of students in private schools during the academic year 2007/2008 was (64,506) thousand students.

Private Universities

  • 1- College of the North Atlantic
    Programs designed to the highest degree of flexibility to meet all the requirements, there is a one-year program and two-year program are awarded graduate certificate is recognized internationally as well as the three-year program that qualifies the student for a diploma college in addition to that university graduates of the Diploma and Bachelor and Master and Doctor can to join the study programs in this college, which gives them a certificate that qualifies them to work in different institutions and allows its graduates to pursue higher studies in Canadian universities.

    University site  - Click Here -


  • 2- Stendn University Qatar
    University was established in 2000 as the first University College of specialized hospitality and tourism management. The University offers bachelor's degree in business management disciplines within the International Hospitality Management and Tourism Diploma in addition to hotel management, has changed its name to the Stendn University of Qatar .

    University site  - Click Here -

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