Entry Procedure to Belgium

Schengen visa allow the entry of the 25 countries participating in the Schengen agreement and the members of the European Union.

Note: Please use the Schengen Visa entry from the issuing country for a visa when used for the first time.


Weather :

In summer: the maximum temperature equal to 30 + degrees Celsius and the lowest 10 +.

Winter: average temperature 10 + degrees and -5 degrees Celsius.

You have to be supplied in all seasons of the year with winter clothes, as in the majority of the time, there is fickle weather.

Emergency :

Ambulance: Call 100

Police: call 101

European first aid 112

Home Doctor: 02 02 51 302

Emergency services for Pharmaceuticals 0900/10 500 of pharmacies on duty at night and holidays.


Transport :

Brussels International Airport is just 14 km from the city center, there is a train within 30 minutes drive you to the train station Gare du Nord or neighbor at Central every 20 minutes. Ticket price 2.80 EUR

Queries the airport from 7 am to 10 pm

Phone : + 32 900 70 000

Traffic in Belgium:

Determine the speed in cities and suburbs to 50 km / h in residential areas 30 km / h.

In the event of a malfunction of the car, call  +32 70 34 47 77

Other Information:

There is no charge to the passage of the Belgian highway.

Necessary safety belt in the front seats and rear.

Priority should be the driver to allow the passage of cars that have a priority (such as railways and public transport and first aid) and the cars coming from the right (with the exception of roads marked with priority).



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