Family Consultation Center

Family Consultation


With a gracious initiative, a wise insight and a noble goal by Her Highess Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Misned, Consort of His Highess the Emir, came the idea of establishing a center specialized in Family consultation within the framework of a special institution which offers consultative services for those who intend to get married, besides offering assistance to marrying couples in order to overcome problems which might turn up, and proposing relevant solutions for them.

The basic System and Organizational Structure issued on 4th January 2003 specified the Center's specializations and objectives, in addition to the job description of departments and units and organizational bills that rule and control the Center's activities.

The Center offers its consultative services free of charge in a scientific and civilized way through a number of consultants of both sexes who are highly qualified to perform this job. Service is given on this telephone number: 4370666 or by coming in person the Center's headquarters.

The Center's Objectives

The Family Consultation Center seeks to achieve the following objectives :

  • Defining and introducing marriage; its importance and legislative and social dimensions.
  • Familial and health awareness-raising among those wishing to get married.
  • Sensing the importance of the legal bases and conditions in choosing and their effect on family stability.
  • Guiding the community to overcome the phenomenon of expensive dowries.
  • Addressing the problems and obstacles that impede marriage.
  • Protecting individual and collective ethecs against delinquency and perversion.
  • Studying the problems impeding marital life, specifying their causes and collaborating with the spouses to reach satisfactory solutions.
  • Lessening the tension, stress and hostility between spouses.
  • Informing spouses about legal rights and obligations which ensure family stability.
  • Demonstrating the danger of the arbitrary use of the rights of divorce and its disadvantages and the negative effects resulting from it.
  • Informing spouses about rights and obligations resulting from divorce.
  • Assisting in post-divorce social-coping.

Specializations of the Center

  • Studying the cases referred or forwarded to it and how to deal with them.
  • Evaluating the consultations with all their different aspects (legal, social, psychological.)
  • Coordinating with the concerned bodies to conduct seminars, meetings and issuing pamphlets and publications for the purpose of familial awareness-raising.
  • Illuminating about the disadvantages and dangers of divorce on the individual, family and the community.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of information and data.

Strategy of the Center

  • The Center's Strategy.
  • Studying the phenomena widespread in the community through the problems referred to us through the researches and studies and approving the recommendations which ensure the family's entity.
  • Cooperating with lecturers and consultants specialized in family and community affairs, both externally and internally.
  • Executing the training the consultative courses and raising awareness of youth about to get married and courses on positive dialogue inside the family, and the importance of coping with problems.
  • Designing a strategy and family plan to overcome the challenges that impede the family in performing its role as beat as can be.
  • Limiting the cores of divorce and addressing them in positive ways through the direct interviews inside the Center.
  • Endeavoring to limit the problems which may hinder marriage from being successful.
  • Lessening psychological pressures which families may suffer from.
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