North Gas Field
  • Sitting on 6% of the world's natural gas reserves, Qatar is considered to be one of the five countries in the world with the biggest natural gas reserves. This huge wealth is concentrated in the North Gas Field, the largest single non-associated field in the world, with recoverable reserves of about 380 trillion cubic feet and total gas in place exceeding 500 trillion cubic feet. The field, discovered in 1971, lies mainly offshore to the north east of Qatar's peninsula under water depths ranging between 15 and 70 meters, covering an area of some 6000 square kilometers.

    In view of the large reserves of this field and the qualities of gas as a clean, safe and sustainable source of energy, Qatar Petroleum (

    Oil & Gas Sector
  • QP) has worked out a phased strategic plan to develop the field and optimize the exploitation of its resources with the aim to realize additional financial returns by exporting gas both as liquefied (LNG) by tanker and natural gas by pipelines and setting up new industries and a modern terminal at Ras Laffan.
  • The first phase of this massive project was inaugurated in 1991 with initial daily output capacity of 800 million cubic feet set aside to meet the needs of local domestic consumption and industries, and 50,000 barrels of condensate and liquids earmarked for export. The total export capacity of gas amounted to about 18 million tons per day. The average daily production of gas reached 1482 million cubic feet in 1998.
Qatar Liquefied Natural Gas Project
Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Project
Ras Laffan Port
Dolphin Project
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