History of Oil Discovery
  • Prelude
  • A country with very few resources, Qatar experienced the hardship of austere living conditions, harsh climate and famine that killed hundreds of people and forced others to migrate to neighboring areas in search for food.

    Oil discovery transformed Qatar to a new era of better living conditions that brought home its citizens to work in the oil industry.

    Oil & Gas Sector
  • British information sources indicate that 1755 out of 2667 work force in the oil industry were Qatari citizens, i.e., 66% of the total number of workers.
  • Exploration
  • Early exploration took place in May 1935 as part of an agreement between the English-Persian Corporation and the Sheikh of Qatar at that time Abdullah Bin Jassem Al-Thani to explore oil for a term of 75 years. The agreement was executed by a corporation, later known as Qatar Oil Associated Corporation. Exploration, however, was adjourned due to border problems with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, but eventually started in 1938 extensively.
Oil Discovery
The Development of Oil Investment
Post-Independence Stage
Agreements with Oil and Gas International Corporations
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