Oil & Gas Sector
  • Oil & Gas Sector
    The government of Qatar carries on its efforts to improve its production and reservoir potentials through the continued efforts to develop onshore and offshore fields like Al-Shaheen, Al-Idd Al-Sharqi, Dukhan and Al-Khaleej fields.

    It likewise works to develop the gas sector of which reservoir is esti

  • mated at 380,000 billion cubic feet, which makes Qatar the top third country in the world in gas reservoir after Iran and Russia. Aspiring to be ione of the biggest exporters of gas in the world, Qatar inaugurated Ras Laffan Corporation for natural gas and Qatar Liquefied Gas Corporation which started production three years ago. A further accomplishment is building Ras Laffan port which is considered the biggest port for gas exportation in the world. This was associated with parallel accomplishments in the infrastructure and procurement of giant gas transporters.
  • In the field of marketing, the State of Qatar merchandises gas products around the world. As a result, it has signed long-term agreements with Japan, Korea, and the Indian Petronet Establishment which purchased about 7.5 million metric tons of liquefied gas. It has signed a primary agreement with the Taiwanese firm Tong-Teng to provide it with 1.8 million metric tons of liquefied gas for 25 years.
    Oil & Gas Sector
  • Products and Exports of Oil Sector
  • In 2000, the average daily production mounted up to 687,000 barrels of crude oil, 44.5% of which was from onshore fields and 55.3% came from offshore fields. The country's daily share in this amount was 573,000 barrels. The average exported amount of crude oil was 554,000 barrels in the same year which brought in QR20 billions.
Onshore fields (Dukhan Field)
Offshore Fields
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