The Qatari Institution for Orphans Care

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The Qatari Institution for Orphans Care

Defining the Institution

The Qatari Institution for Orphans Care is a private institution with as independent identical entity fully qualified to behave freely and its headquarters are here in Doha.

Objectives of the Institutions
The Institution aims at:

  • Caring for orphans and offering services that ensure to them a dignified decent life.
  • Sheltering orphans (with anonymous parents) who cannot afford living in a family and that is by offering to them integrated living services.
  • Follow-up the status of orphans in the alternative fostering families in order to identify the type of orphan hood and the kind of services and care offered and how for they are appropriate for orphans to raise them well.
  • Creating an alternative environment for children who live in disintegrated, families due to death, divorce, disability, imprisonment or illness which proves the family's unability to care for them regularly.
  • Contributing to educate raise awareness and achieve social solidarity for the Qatari society.

Sewices of the Institution

The Institution provides two kinds of services:

1. Internal Sewices :
The child is sheltered in a home belonging to the Institution, and all material, health and psychological needs are ensured to him/her, as well as living services, and this home is like a home with the child's parents and creating a family atmosphere for the child should be sought to compensate for the child the loss of genuine familial atmosphere.

2. External Services :
Child care while the child is in the custody of a Qatari Family looking after him/her and raising him/he properly as if he/she were a member of the family, and the Institution, for this pwpose, follows up the child's coping with his/her new environment, ensure that his/her custody is good and his/he rraising is based on the required standards and ensure all the requirements needed for his/her bringing-up under the best possible

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