The Qatari Institution For Elderly Persons' Care

Elderly Persons

The Qatari Institution For Elderly Persons' Care

The Qatari Institution for Elderly Persons' Care is a private institution with a recognized independent identity and it enjoys full autonomy and its headquarters is in Doha city.

The Institution aims at :

  • Sheltering elderly persons whose families are unable to look after them of those without families.
  • Providing health, social and psychological service necessary to them.
  • Offering services and care to elderly persons in their homes and among their families.
  • Awareness-raising among the families to embrace the elderly and direct them to the best ways of caring for them.
  • Rehabilitating the elderly to face the problems resulting from aging and haw to cope with them.
  • Endeavoring to integrate the elderly in the community each according to his/her capabilities and capacities.

The Institution is non-profitable and non-political, and it achieves its objectives by means of :

  • cooperating and coordinating with the related bodies inside as well as outside the State of Qatar in the area of the Institution's activities.
  • Educating families that care for elderly persons and giving them consultative services.
  • Conducting seminars, meetings and conferences related to the Institution's activities.
  • Receiving gifts, donations and wills in order to achieve the Institution's purposes
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