Qatari Women
  • Introduction
  • The Qatari women exercises her full right to take her role in society and act as a vital element within the development process of the country. She has proven her ability to give and participate alongside her fellow men in all assignments and fields, and her participation has been especially enhanced by the encouragement of HH the Emir and the patronage of H.H. the wife of the Emir, Sheikha Mouza.
  • The Role of H.H. the Wife of H.H. the Emir
  • Her Highness has given prominence to the role of Qatari women and created an environment that encourages them to meet their social obligations and participate in public life. H.H. Sheikha Mouza endorses women's conferences, which discuss women's issues and recommend solutions for the problems and challenges that confront women who work outside the home.
  • She has directed most of her attention to education programs, maintaining a direct and continuous association with government and private education institutions. She frequently attends and effectively participates in the meetings of education leaders in all scientific, educational and sports matters. A keen observer of the news will notice that when Her Highness accompanies H.H. the Emir during his official visits, she shows particular interest in visiting educational institutions and universities. Her Highness' keenness to contact education leaders is also conspicuous, together with her desire to familiarize herself with modern educational programs, with the aim of adopting those aspects which do not contradict Islamic teachings and social principles.
  • Her Highness has spared no effort to bring about a qualitative change in the standard of education and produce a generation capable of keeping pace with the developments and technologies of the times. She was one of the supporters of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, established in 1996 as a private and independent entity. One of the first achievements of the Foundation was the establishment of Qatar Academy, whose council of trustees is chaired by a leading Qatari woman Sheikha Al-Misnad. Among other pioneering projects that emerged from the Foundation are the Family Development Center and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)-Qatar College of Design Arts.
  • H.H. Sheikha Mouza did not ignore her sons and daughters, the disabled. She has honored them by supporting and sponsoring care activities carried out on their behalf. She has worked hard to establish specialized societies to care for the deaf, the dumb (Mute) and the blind, such as Al Noor Institute for the Blind. The National Committee for Children with Special Needs is another example. It was established in June 1998 with the initial aim of preparing an extensive study on the establishment and management of Shafallah Center. The Committee is chaired by Sheikha Ghalia Bint Mohammad Al-Thani and has in its membership a number of medical doctors and specialists.
  • Her Highness, furthermore, sponsored several ladies-only functions such as the conference entitled: The Woman between the Family and the Workplace, which was held in 1997. The conference recommended several activities to help women realize psychological equilibrium and stability and outline approaches geared to support and protect the family. She also sponsored the first and second women's conferences held in March 1994 and May 1996 respectively.
Various Roles of Qatari Women
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