Social Services


The State of Qatar works to provide the best social services for its citizens in pursuit of its policy to realize and establish the principles of social stability and individual well-being.

In accordance with the private societies' law, private establishments extend charitable and social services in collaboration with the concerned government departments, using donations from individuals and the private sector.

The State's Official Role

The Department of Social Affairs
The Qatari Institution For Elderly Persons' Care
Housing Services
The Women's Affairs Department
Supreme Council for Family Affairs
The Endowment Funds
Zakat Fund
Social Responsibility Committee
Qatar Scout Association

Private Establishments and Voluntary Work

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS)
Qatar Charitable Society (QCS)
Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad Charitable Establishment
The Organization for the Propagation of Islam
Family Development Center

Welfare Establishments

The Qatari Association for the Special Needs
Qatar Cancer Association (QCA)
Al-Shaffallah Center for special Needs Children
The Qatari Institution for Orphans Care
Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA)
Al-Noor Institute for the Blind
Family Consultation Center
The Qatari Institution for Child and Woman Protection

Youth Establishments

Center of Environment Friends
Youth Department
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