The sports movement in the State of Qatar started during the 1940s of the 20th century. Sports and youth establishments continued to develop and evolve through various shapes and organizations are currently organized under the General Authority for Youth.

General Authority for Youth
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Qatar National Olympic Committee (QNOC) " Homepage "
Qatar National Olympic Committee was formed in 1979 by the decision of the Supreme Council for Youth Welfare No 1, which stipulated that the Committee undertakes supervision over sports associations, sponsor sports movements and participate in the preparation of sports teams for Olympic, Arab and International events. The (QNOC) undertakes administrative and technical supervision over sports associations, which were able in record time to form
several sporting squads in various games and grades starting from division 1 through youths and youngsters teams.

The (QNOC) supervises the functions of scores of sports establishments inside the country including 21 sports associations, 9 division 1 clubs and 7 division 2 clubs, for which the (QNOC) has provided all needed human and material support to help them to carry out their responsibilities in the best possible way.

The (QNOC) also supervises the activities of Girls Sports Committee, which is responsible to overlook all girls sporting activities and prepare a new generation of Qatari female cadres in the field of youth and sports.

The (QNOC) is preparing to host the Asian Games Tournament, the second largest international sports gathering, scheduled to take place in Doha in 2006.

Girls Sports Committee

A girls Sports Committee numbered by a group of sports-oriented Qatari ladies was formed to supervise all girl sports and prepare a new generation of Qatari female athletes. Qatar is the first Gulf country to permit female participation in tournaments, which gave the country the edge to be chosen as a venue for grand tournaments such as the Asian
Games of 2006. Qatari girls pursue sporting activities and participate in sporting events, the latest of which was the 7th GCC marksmanship tournament, and a Qatari lady holds a leading position in the executive council of Qatar National Olympic Committee.

The following bodies belong to the General Authority for Youth :

Center of Environment Friends :
Youths Department :
Societies, Associations and Clubs section :
Cultural Activities and Programs Section :
Artistic Activities Section :
Social Activities and Camps section :
Department of Sports Affairs :
Doha Youths Center :
Traditional Sports in Qatar
Traditional Boat Race
Camel Race
Horse Racing

Modern Sports

Modern sports have seen during the last decades a substantial evolution and made wide forward strides. The massive Khalifa International Stadium has 45 thousand seats and Khalifa International Complex for Tennis and Squash is a world icon. The new 18-hole Doha Golf Course is a destination for golfers and spectators alike.
While soccer is the most popular game in the country with the national team proving its competence in the regional, Arab and international levels, tennis is rapidly gaining popularity especially after the inauguration of the tennis complex, which contains 17 grounds, a gym, a swimming pool, and other most advanced facilities.

Undoubtedly, the developed sports installations have at least partly contributed to making Qatar able to host some of the most exciting sporting events such as:

Qatar Rally
International Regatta
Desert Horseracing Marathon
Aspire Zone
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