Urban Development


General Authority for Architectural Planning and Development General Authority for Architectural Planning and Development reports to the Ministry of Municipality and Architectural Planning. It aims to elevate the level of architectural planning to achieve the highest rate of architectural development in the State. Its competencies comprise the following:

1. Proposing and preparing comprehensive and limited architectural plans on the national level and following up their implementation.

2. Surveying lands and preparing cadastral maps.

3. Division of lands, sorting them out and annexing them.

4. Setting regulations of licensing buildings in accordance with architectural plans and the relevant regulating bills and resolutions.

5. Regulating and monitoring practice of engineering professions and supervising the committee of admitting engineers.

6. Managing public properties and keeping a special register for each public and private property and keeping ownership certificates and data of properties and protecting them from trespassing and removing it in case it occurs.

7. Providing and allocating the necessary lands to meet the needs of ministries, governments bodies and the population and preparing them for utilization and keeping a special register for these lands.

8. Identifying real estate to be expropriated or seized temporarily to the public interest and in accordance with the urban plans in coordination with the concerned with the competent authorities.

9. Proposing investment projects needed by urban development works and conducting feasibility studies pertinent to them and the method of implementation, management, operation and marketing.

10. Developing and monitoring national standards and specifications related to geographic information and conducting related studies and offering assistance in this regard to ministries and government organs and providing basic geographic maps for the State and the services related to them.

11. Proposing draft laws and resolutions regulating within its competencies.

12. Representing the State in meetings, conferences, seminars and getting membership in bodies and organizations relevant to its activities.

General Authority for Architectural Planning and Development undertakes the task of preparing a comprehensive urban plan for the State of Qatar which is a long-term plan to direct urban planning in all aspects of use until 2025.

Qatar's national comprehensive architectural plan entails coordination and cooperation between different relevant bodies and certain municipalities, officials, consultative firms and planners at the General Authority for Planning and Architectural Development. It has been decided to draw up a plan in the three following years comprising all development aspects including transportation and infrastructure projects (sewage, water and electricity) in addition to environmental studies and land use (residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, etc). Projects under construction include New Doha International Airport, new Naval Port, public parks, corniche development project in addition to proposed plans to develop towns, villages, districts in Qatar in addition to urban planning projects.

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