Qatar – EU Friendship Group

Who are we:

Qatar – EU Parliamentary Friendship Group wishes to act as a platform for a comprehensive engagement between Members of the European Parliament and the State of Qatar.

Our activities are meant to promote and strengthen the relations between Members of European Parliament (MEPs) and our counterparts from Qatar.

Qatar – EU Parliamentary Friendship Group activities implies organization of seminars, hearings and other meetings on issues of mutual Qatar-EU concern. The topics of our meetings cover issues of foreign and security policy, human rights, education and training, energy policy, environmental sustainability, intercultural dialogue, commercial and trade relations, transport policy, investment relations and many others.

Qatar – EU Parliamentary Friendship Group is also actively involved in assisting the State of Qatar to articulate and promote its political priorities and positions within the European Parliament, and in the other European Institutions- particularly the European Commission and the Council.

Qatar – EU Parliamentary Friendship Group promotes stronger economic, social and cultural relations between the EU and Qatar by acting as a support framework for informal dialogue and contact between business people, government and EU officials, financial experts and investors, for example through business conferences and sector-specific seminars .

We organize regular exchange visits of members of both Parliaments aimed to build better links at a working level. To these we add the possibility of exchange visits for parliamentary officials dealing with the partner state related issues.

Through its individual members,  Qatar – EU Parliamentary Friendship Group also acts as a platform for EU Member States, to complement the bilateral relations with Qatar.

Link: More information about Parliamentary Friendship Groups